The Overrides share 'Money' - off debut E.P. 'Brain as a Fist'

August 17, 2021
The Overrides from Long Beach California make some intense propositions with their debut EP ‘Brain As A Fist’. Punk and punk all the way, the grinding visions of the single ‘Money’ is about what evil that can exist, taken with a pinch of sensibility and love for what makes you passionate. Music, that is.

THE OVERRIDES consist of Cam Mosavian, Denzil Dunn, Brandon Mosavian, and Parker PJ Johnston. The band retains with full effect the essence and breadth of what punk was and will always should be.

With quenching vocals, thumping drums, and raking beauty of punk chords, the Cali sun never looked so good on a band.

The Clash, The Ramones, meet the tinge of the 90’s to give off that thrusting aroma of what simple but satisfying music that we deserve.

The band as it is, played their first show in March 2018. And from what we hear, we bet they drive their audiences crazy with the vibe that counts.

Their debut EP ‘Brain As A Fist’ is available now. Fabulous, indeed. !